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Niemand ist mehr Sklave, als der sich für frei hält, ohne es zu sein. ~ Goethe

iOS/Java/Python/PHP Freelance Developer living in Asunción-Paraguay

If you want to contact me for a project, you can do it using the Contact form on the upper-right corner or you can email me.

Current Projects:

  1. Proyecto de Tesis@UCA (Septiembre-Diciembre 2016)

    Undergraduate thesis project.

Random, Miscellaneous, Junk:

  1. Simple Bayes Problem

    I set up to develop this problem after listening to the "You Are Not So Smart" podcast, episode 73 "Bayes' Theorem". You can find the link to the podcast here.

  2. Compute Primes in C
  3. Integer to Byte Array in Java (Spanish)
  4. Algorithm for converting SAX to DOM.

Side Notes:

If you are wondering where the background photo was taken, it's outside the Timberline Lodge on the south slope of Mount Hood on the outskirts of Portland, OR. I took that photo on a very cold winter day, many cycles ago...

Latest Project

CoderToDo / codertodo.com

.:: CoderToDo / A Productivity App for Indie/Solo Coders, Developers & Programmers ::.

Add structure to your "Working Day"..! Very handy and complete App for managing your personal projects.

This App implements the "day-ahead" productivity method which I devised while doing my undergraduate thesis in Computer Science. This productivity method is based on a list of rules which allows the user to approach a project in a more structured way. I hope you like it.

:: Functionalities:

  • Create projects and bind them to a time schedule.
  • Add tasks to those projects, with the option to mark those tasks with a predefined state and completion percentage.
  • Brainstorming Bucket, where you can add your temporary ideas.
  • Synchronise your information to your iCloud account and share them with your other devices. Your information is always secure and with you.

:: The goals of the method are to:

  • Allow the user to set a very structured work schedule, with the ability to plan just one day ahead.
  • Allow the user to do exactly what was planned and not deviate from the plan.
  • Improve the user’s ability to plan tasks.
  • Improve the user’s ability to measure task’s times.